Why did the Tories vote to support profit over people?

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The House of Commons voted by 310 to 248 to oppose Labour's motion to impose a windfall tax on oil and gas producers last night.

As I read it, not a single Tory broke ranks to support the idea that people should be put before exploitation by the profiteering companies that are driving inflation. Not one.

I genuinely try to find the best in people. I find life easier to manage that way. On this occasion, I am struggling. I cannot think of a single reason why anyone would rather a pensioner freeze or a family be unable to cook food because the cost of energy is too high because the profit of a multinational corporation is more important.

And please no one tell me that they need this profit because they could not otherwise invest in green programmes, because that's nonsense. Those green programmes existed and were viable before this profiteering happened. Those programmes can pass all the required hurdle interest rates to ensure rational investment at rates of return sufficient to keep shareholders happy using readily available borrowed funds. And as a matter of fact, energy companies are not making those green investments anyway: they're searching for more oil to burn to guarantee that we have no future on this planet.

So why did the Tories vote to support profit over people? The only explanation I can offer is that their ideology - based as it is on callous indifference to the fate of most people - matters more to them than real people and I can find nothing good in that.