Democracy in danger

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I am pleased to be taking part in this event organised by West Country Voices:

As the blurb says:

The bills currently going through parliament and the planned assaults on our human rights seem to be all part of an erosion of our democracy, our access to justice and our ability to hold our politicians to account.

Are we right to feel that democracy is in danger? If we are, what can we do to arrest the process? How do we raise awareness of the issues with our fellow citizens? How do we counter the narrative spewed out by this government and the mainstream media?

Our panel will help us to navigate the issues facing the UK: Peter Jukes, founder of the truth-telling, mould-breaking investigative paper, Byline Times; Molly Scott Cato, former MEP for the SouthWest, green economist and democracy champion; Naomi Smith, chief executive of the civil society campaign, Best for Britain; and Richard Murphy, academic, columnist and hard-hitting critic of the current government's policies on his blog and social media.

Free tickets are available here.