The Fair Tax Mark – a statement

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I note that the Fair Tax Mark has published its new international standard for appraisal of companies today.

Many will know that the Fair Tax Mark was created by me. In that case I think it appropriate to make clear a number of things.

First, I have now resigned from all association with the Fair Tax Mark, partly because of my concern about this international standard.

Second, the Fair Tax Foundation that runs the Fair Tax Mark has reminded me of my legal obligations not to discuss the details of this issue, and as a result I will not do so.

Third, I do however note that none of those now managing the Fair Tax Mark on a day-to-day basis has any qualifications in or practitioner experience of accounting or taxation, let alone at an international level.

I wish to make clear as a consequence that I am not offering any sort of endorsement for the standard that has been issued, for which I have no responsibility.