It’s OK to be angry. How else will we change the world?

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I wrote this on Twitter yesterday:

I thought there was some risk in saying this. The anti-angry brigade is everywhere right now.

I am often told that it is now unacceptable to be angry within work environments. Those who might be upset by anger are always right according to those who say this - even when they are not. As a result bullies are actively enabled and get away with whatever they want, because anger is the natural reaction to being abused.

And anger is also unacceptable in politics, apparently. This has been one of the reactions to the death of Sir David Amess. Apparently, we are meant to be nicer to politicians, even when they have a consistent voting pattern of seeking to undermine the wellbeing of those who are dependent on the state. However nice Sir David was wrong I can still be angry about his voting record.

We can be angry when we see something that is wrong. We should be. And we should show it. All that we must not be is two things. The first is violent, of course. And the second is to think that the person with whom we are angry is inherently evil, because I do not believe that simply because thinking in that way suggests that there is no power to argument, and there is. It is my belief that a person can be persuaded to change their mind. Otherwise, why do I spend so much time trying to persuade people that they are wrong and that there are better options?

I spent some time talking to an old friend yesterday who wondered where I get the ideas from to write this blog each morning. The answer is simple. I wake up every day angry that we still face a world full of fear when I believe that fear is wholly unnecessary. Whether the fear is of hunger, disease, or the right to worship, or to be the person someone feels that they are, it is necessary. We can do better on all such issues, and more. Why shouldn't we be angry that we aren't? That is what motivates me every morning. And if that makes me an angry person, so be it. What else changes the world?