Is Johnson doing a Baldrick?

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I watched some of the press conference led by the prime minister yesterday on the government’s plan for managing Covid this winter. I then tweeted this:

I think that a fair summary of what I heard.

Johnson is abandoning Covid controls, and repealing them in law.

He is asking but not telling people to be careful.

And it is clear he and his advisers are suggesting that we can vaccinate ourselves through this when the World Health Authority says otherwise because the delta variant requires 98% vaccination rates for that to happen, and it is clear that we will never get there.

Even the Tory papers have realised this. They are talking of lockdowns, and many deaths, this winter as the NHS, already at breaking point, is stretched beyond its limits.

If The Mail can work this out why can’t Johnson? Maybe he can. Maybe he does have a plan.  And maybe he thinks it is cunning.

My suggestion is this. What Johnson knows is he is useless. What he also knows is that his days are numbered. And he knows that nothing he is doing is working. But, and this is his version of the cunning bit, he might also believe that if there is outright chaos then no one will want to take over from him, and so he will stay in office precisely because he will have created a situation where no one wants to clear up his mess.

Is that what Johnson is really about? Does anyone have a better explanation for incompetence on this scale?