Sunak’s approach to NHS funding is completely wrong because it harms wellbeing

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I posted this Twitter thread last night:

A slightly blown-up version of the Telegraph story to which I refer looks like this:

The nub of it is simple: in the face of massive underfunding and an ongoing Covid pandemic Sunak is seeking to provide no further additional funding for the NHS despite the very obvious need for it.

Let me try the four questions on any economic policy that I suggested appropriate this morning, and apply them to Sunak and the financial elite that he represents:

1. Do I know what might improve the wellbeing of others?
2. Might what is proposed improve that wellbeing?
3. Would the proposed activity cause others to have a reasonable concern as to my wellbeing?
4. Can the proposed activity, in the light of these answers, be justified?

The answers are:

  1. Yes, we know more medical care will improve the wellbeing of others, and that it is urgently required;
  2. What is proposed will not improve that wellbeing;
  3. What is proposed will not threaten the wellbeing of the financial elite since they can afford all the financial care that they desire;
  4. In the light of this the proposed action cannot be justified.

I'd suggest that the methodology works.

And that Sunak is completely wrong in his approach.