We need change to tackle climate change very urgently. And the Tories are determined nothing should happen. 

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The Tories in Scotland published this tweet in response to the new SNP -Green political partnership.

Let’s leave this broadly welcome tie-up aside for the moment. What I am interested in is the Tory message here.

That message is loud and clear, and is that when it comes down to it there is no Tory interest in climate change. All they want is business as normal; more exploitation of fossil fuels whatever the cost; the maintenance of the ultra-destructive status quo; and the continuation of the current business hierarchy of power that is based upon abuse of the planet for private gain.

So much for all the words that might be said around COP 26. The reality is that that strategic confusion around that Summit is based on one simple fact, which is that the Tories do not believe in the message that it is meant to deliver.

The message to the rest of us could not be simpler. If people want to save the planet they have to get rid of this government.

Could there be a simpler platform for common political work to achieve a goal? I doubt it. But, will it happen? Read what I wrote yesterday to note why not at present.  And be afraid. The Luddites are in charge. We need change very urgently. And they are determined nothing should happen.