This is not the time to accommodate the right: this is the time to oppose them

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As Politico notes this morning:

A major media move to start the day as the New Statesman hires Bloomberg’s Tim Ross as its new executive editor, politics. The vastly experienced Ross, who has been writing about British politics for two decades, will run the mag’s political coverage as it looks to broaden its appeal way beyond the center-left, making the most of his background at the Telegraph, his insider books on the Tory election campaigns in 2015 and 2017, and more recently his time in charge of the U.K. politics desk at the chronicler of capitalism, Bloomberg.

I cannot help but think three things.

First, this looks like entryism.

Second, why does The New Statesman need to move to the right?

Third, why is it that the soft left has reconciled itself to perpetual Tory rule and now thinks its job is to merely try to make that fate appear just a little more acceptable by begging the odd favour from those who are imposing their ideological nightmares on us?

I am so bored by the accommodation of the right by those who should know better, and who keep telling me that my only job now is to work out policy the Tories might adopt. This is the thinking behind this move, I suspect.

That is not what I think is required. I think that what is required might be summarised in one word: Opposition.