My column for the National : The Queen’s lobbying reveals a deep constitutional issue

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This has the link to my column for The National today in it:

As I concluded:

The structures of government that Scotland should enjoy should, whatever political differences there might be, enjoy the consent of the people of Scotland. They should also be consented to by all those tasked with fulfilling the role of governing. The Queen and her estates should not be exempt from that requirement. If she cannot apparently consent to the will of the Scottish Parliament on an issue as big as this, why should Scotland consent to her role in its constitution?

The Queen’s refusal to embrace her climate change obligations is bad enough, but the manner in which she has done so indicates that there is a much bigger constitutional issue to address. If the royal family wants a role in Scotland it is time they realised that they are subject to its laws. There is no place in any country for those who think otherwise.

The rest is worth a read, I think.