The country chose Johnson. The harm will last a very long time

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Tea, toast and marmalade. A warm Saturday morning in the garden. And time to reflect on a week.

A week when people in England began to realise just how bad the Covid wave about to hit them really is.

A week too when the UK’s scientific and medical advisers still stood beside the prime minister when he was justifying what other scientists are describing as murderous policies.

A week when the prime minister gives his first speech for ten months and managed to announce some new football pitches. As if that will make up for his racism, or be the basis for ‘levelling up’.

A week when it became apparent that we have labour shortages because that’s what happens when you combine Brexit and a policy of letting a pandemic rip through a population.

A week when, after all, it became clear that the economy is not a coiled spring writing to release its energy, bit is rather more a tamed animal, cowering in a corner, fearful of its fate.

But more important in the long term than all this, a week when floods in Germany and Belgium made clear that we have ignored climate change for much too long.

Despite which it was a week when we learned that the government has no plan for how local government fits into its plans for climate change.

And it was a week when the government refused to consider cutting VAT on green retrofits for UK houses.

A week, maybe. But a week that told us we have a racist, democidal government that is bereft of ideas and indifferent to the biggest threat we face.

I am pleased there is still tea, toast and marmalade. There have to be pleasures in life, even if there are almost none in our political, economic, equality and medical dimensions of being right now.

Take what comfort you can. The worst is yet to come.

Sorry, but it’s true. The country chose Johnson. The harm will last a very long time.