Award wining modern monetary theory

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I am pleased to note that Prof Andrew Baker of Sheffield University and I were today awarded the Cambridge University Press Award for Excellence in Social Policy Scholarship for our article "Modern Monetary Theory and the Changing Role of Tax in Society" in the academic Social Policy Association's 2021 Awards round.

The journal paper is here.

A description of the award is available here.

I am pleased with the award for a number of reasons. First, it reflects a lot of work that Andrew and I have been doing together, which looks like it will continue for some time to come.

Second, it is a relatively rare foray for modern monetary theory into UK academic writing.

Third, it emphasises the crucial role of tax in MMT, which too little MMT writing does.

Fourth, it emphasises the role of MMT as an enabler of policy rather than as being policy in itself.

Fifth, it highlights the fundamental role tax can play in shaping society, which I have suggested for a long time.

So, good news to have the work highlighted. And fun to get.

The prize is,  think, a book token. I am not sure of the value. But that’s not the point in any case.