The G7 deal: a Podcast with Common Weal

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I was interviewed by Craig Dalzell for the Common Weal podcast yesterday. This is what we produced. I should add for those who think this is a Scottish podcast, it is, but this one is about the G7 tax deal and has almost no Scottish content. We do instead roam over the whole history of this issue and how we reached the point we're at today, and what that means:

Episode 87 of the Common Weal Policy Podcast



You can download the episode directly here.

This week, Craig Dalzell is joined by Prof Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK to discuss the G7's proposal for a global minimum corporation tax. Richard explains how the tax works and how it could be calculated then looks at the weaknesses and loopholes in the tax as well as news that the UK, having just agreed to the principle, is trying to carve out an exemption for the City of London.

Richard's policy paper on tax in an independent Scotland can be read here and his 2021 update to the paper for the Scottish Independence Convention can be read here.

The news story about the City of London exemption can be read here.