The Covid third wave is coming. It’s time to stop pretending otherwise and to face the questions that need to be asked.

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I have been going on for weeks about the fact that the Covid crisis is not over yet, and I am well aware that I have upset some here and on Twitter by doing also. I could pretty much guarantee the loss of 100 Twitter followers every time I mentioned it there. So I know how people feel about the issue. This is something they do not want to think about. Unfortunately, it seems that my hunch to back the work of those I think the most critical thinkers in epidemiology was right.  We are going to have another wave of Covid. The media is waking up to the fact. 

The best thread on this that I have seen is by Deepti Gurdasani:

Because I know many here do not look at Twitter this is what she had to say:

I post this because this may be the best reasoning and argument that there is available today on this issue - and to publish it is, I think, a considerable act of courage on the part of Dr Gurdasani. I am aware that she is suffering considerable abuse for posting.

I can't add to what she has to say. She and Prof Christina Pagel stand out in their field now as the leading thinkers on what is going on.

What I can suggest is that there will be massive economic and political consequences of this. This is what I will be doing in blogs over the next few days.