One more slip and I suspect Johnson and the No.11 chintz may be destined for a short acquaintance.

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The chance that Johnson will survive a full term as prime minister appears to be getting smaller by the day.

Overseeing the deaths of 150,000 people should have been enough. It apparently has not been.

Being indifferent to their deaths does cut through though.

Being indifferent because of an obvious bias to business may be worse.

Receiving what appears to be financial support for renovating the Prime Ministerial flat because the £30,000 provided by the state was, apparently, grossly insufficient, whilst also being utterly indifferent to the deaths of people really cuts through.

And, having sacked almost everyone close to him, Johnson looks horribly dependent upon Gove, who is a man straight out of central-casting for the role of Brutus.

Can Johnson survive this? I am beginning to doubt it. The man who has played the clown to such effect is no longer looking stupid. He is looking like a callously indifferent money-grabber instead, in a way that can definitely be understood by almost any voter.

As someone once said of the Tories, they are totally loyal to their leader until they are not. I sense that moment of disloyalty might arrive soon. The cost of the prime ministerial curtains may not be an issue on which too many Tories might wish to sacrifice themselves. The Johnsonian idea of sacrifice may in itself not appeal to them.

This time Johnson is at least in trouble.

And he definitely can’t keep doing this. One more slip and I suspect he and the No.11 chintz may be destined for a short acquaintance.