We should seek to ensure that all can live with freedom from fear

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I began writing this a few weeks ago, when I awoke with my head brimful of ideas in the middle of the night and writing them down let me go back to sleep. I have refined it a little since, but the idea remains the same, which is to provide an answer to the question as to the ethic that underpins this blog:

Each of us is of worth, but of no more or less worth than any other person.

We have a duty to care.

It is our responsibility to treat all others as we would wish to be treated.

We should provide for others as best we are able, expecting in return that they will do the same for us.

The needs of all should be satisfied before wants are met.

We should learn from the past, live for today and respect that which is to come.

Where there is doubt we should exercise caution.

It is our individual and collective responsibility to leave the planet on which we live as bounteous for those to come as it has been for us.

Within our commitment to others is the freedom to be ourselves.

All life has the potential to be joyful. It is our task to realise that potential.

It should be our aim that each person can partake as best they are able.

We should seek to ensure that all can live with freedom from fear.

We cannot presume consent: it must be actively given by another able to grant it.

We should expect the best.

We should be, and expect others to be, honest.

We should be aware that people can hold differing opinion in good faith. We should differentiate those doing so from others who hold opinion for personal gain.

To fail is to be human. We should forgive those who err, but hold to account those who do so deliberately.

We must live in the hope that sufficient people will endeavour to make sure that the common good prevails.

The common good should be ours to share, in community.