No deal was always the aim, as was the chaos it will bring

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I have for a very long time believed that the government’s real desire is a no deal Brexit, but they felt unable to say it.

The reasons for that inability should be obvious. They know, as everyone knows, that a no deal Brexit will be a disaster for the real economy and the people of the UK. So of course they could not be seen to be going for it.

I can’t forgive them for Brexit. It was won on the basis of electoral fraud and the vote would have been ruled illegal if only it had been binding rather than advisory.

I can’t forgive them for conning people.

I can’t forgive them for the populism that fuelled all this, and the divisions it has created that will scar real lives for decades.

And right now I can’t forgive them for something else. That is their utter incompetence in delivering on their promise.

If they really wanted Brexit they should, at the very least, have planned for it and made sure all the systems were in place well before time. After all, they had well over three years to do so. But instead we still don’t know what is happening. No one has the chance to prepare. Because no one knows what to prepare for. And literally nothing appears to have been tested.

And that makes me very angry, because this is really going to matter a very great deal. In the real world change is always hard. Humans simply make mistakes with the unfamiliar. That’s normal. To give people no chance to prepare, as has happened, exacerbates that risk of errors arising, through no particular fault of anyone.

Excepting, of course, those who neglected the need to resolve this. And why did they neglect their duty? Precisely because they are disaster capitalists, wanting chaos on behalf of their hedge fund friends who can than exploit the chaos to extract yet more money from the economy at cost to all the rest of us.

I cannot see how chaos can be avoided early next year. Of course, it will eventually get better. I do not pretend otherwise. But chaos on top of COVID, and Covid management that has already told us more than enough about the corrupted ethic at the heart fo this government? That will be disastrous. And they know it.

The only conclusion is that the current incompetence in negotiation is deliberate. I really do hope that those responsible are never forgiven. And at least Gove and Johnson got to be in charge as it is happening. The blame will be unavoidable.