That election

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Today is not really Election Day in the USA. It may well be that a majority of those likely to vote in the US Presidential election have already done so, despite the obstacles put in their way. It is believed that a majority of those who have done so are registered Democrats.

I am making no predictions on what might happen over the next few days in the USA. I have my own wishes. I would like to be optimistic. But candidly, I am not.

I remember that Clinton was forecast to win in 2016. I remember that she did win most votes. I recall, all too painfully, that Trump got the White House. I accept that almost any outcome is possible in that case, despite the forecasts and despite the early voting.

My most fervent wish though is that the ballot box decides this. I hope for order. I hope there is no violence. I hope that court involvement is minimal. I hope that the people of the USA get the President that they choose, and not one that legal process imposes on them.

It’s hardly radical to say that today democracy itself is on the ballot paper in the USA. But that we can get to the point where we do not think that is radical is startling in itself. That we have a US President who does not see himself as bound by the law, voter preference, or the long standing etiquette of politics is staggering.

We have descended a very long way in both the UK and USA. My fervent hope is that the descent is halted today. My nagging doubt is that my hope is misplaced.