The queue for the Channel will be 100 miles long in January

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I noted this in the Guardian:

Ministers have warned of 7,000 truck-long queues in Kent after the Brexit transition period ends as a worst-case scenario if hauliers fail to prepare for changes to customs rules.

The cabinet office minister, Michael Gove, who is responsible for no-deal planning, has written to logistics groups with the government's “reasonable worst-case scenario” planning, which warns of possible two-day delays for cargo travelling to France in January.

Let's ignore the buck-passing in this. After all, businesses cannot prepare because no one knows what the rules are as yet, the forms aren't ready, and nor are HMRC and that's because there is literally no deal right now, or any software to get used to as none has yet been trialled.

Instead, let's just consider what that means. If a truck takes up a length of 25 yards (which seems to be a fair estimate, and I'm working in yards as we're going to end up in miles) then 7,000 trucks is a queue of almost exactly 100 miles.

And people think our economy can survive that chaos?

And that trucking businesses can survive the cost of this?

Or that importers can bear this cost on top of tariffs?

Who is the government trying to kid?

We are heading for mayhem.

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