I said that the government had to put people before wealth in this crisis. It’s now clear that they are going to put wealth first.

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A week or so ago I wrote a blog with this title:

People and jobs? Or wealth? The government has to decide which to prioritise, and there is only one right answer

I argued that the government had to make a choice about whether they were going to prioritise assets or the real economy and people during the course of this crisis.

Now we know the answer. We have got it as a result of the reopening of the housing market. As Politico notes this morning:

This latest change means people can now visit the homes of complete strangers to consider a house purchase, but not the homes of family members or close friends. “So if I put my house on the market, can my mum come round and see her grandson?” freelance journo James McEnaney asks. It rather appears the answer must be yes.

That is wealth before people.

And we're sunk as a result.