Question of the day: What’s best: sound, video or a book for new messages on how the economy really works?

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I will, I suspect, be taking some time off over the next couple of days. At least, I will be blogging less. It has been a frantic week.

But there is, first of all a moment for reflection.

In one such moment I will recall my grandfather, who died as a result of his Second World War service. Arctic convoy escort service was not a good place to be.

Another cause for reflection will be the extraordinary times we are living in. I admit that I know how lucky I am to live where I do. But nothing, including the absurd economic forecasts we have seen this week and the incompetence of the political messaging changes the fact that we are still a long way from facing the worst of this crisis: even if a vaccine were to be found right now the economic devastation it will cause still defies most imaginations.

But I do not think all is gloomy either. I was accused recently of being a glass half empty person. I found that rather odd. I am a pragmatist: if the glass is half empty I want to know that. Who wouldn’t? But thereafter my aim is always to fill it again, and more appropriately and sustainably. That’s not being negative; rather it’s a realistic appreciation that there is a need for change.

The amazing response to the suggestion that there is a need for a better explanation of the economic situation that we are in, which I posted here earlier this week, is indication of that. Over 100 people responded, many with offers of help.

I am sorry I have not got back to everyone.

Just as I am also sorry that I did not get back to everyone who has donated to the blog in the last week. I am incredibly grateful to all who have done so. Around £4,000 has been committed within a week. That’s an amazing start.

Thank you.

That said, I admit that from October I have no income that I know about right now. Of course, things may happen between now and then, but I don’t know what at present.

So I admit I was wondering whether to link these two ideas? I have a very strong feeling that better resources are needed. From reactions received it seems some people here think I have something to offer. I have already begun working on some ideas, including scripts for audio and video, although when I sent the post in question to a publisher and suggested there was a demand for new material in the form of a book the reaction was very negative: they just did not get it.

So, another question: should an appeal be linked to producing materials?

Would that make it more effective?

And should, as I am now beginning to think, the focus be on audio and or video in the main, rather than a book, because this has the potential to reach bigger audiences? As example, my best selling book has sold 12,000 copies and in three days this week traffic here was bigger than that?

Good production values will, of course, be needed. And transcripts would be published. But is this the right direction of travel? I am looking for little more than 'yes' or 'no, but of course elaboration is welcome too.

When I get that issue resolved the next steps might be easier to plot. Thanks.