Making the money that unlocks our dreams

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We can,
when this
is all
over, make
all the
money we
need to
get back
to living
great lives

And when
I say
'make all
the money
we need'
I don’t
mean by
stacking high
the profits
that come
from abusing
our planet

I mean
we can
make it

Money is
made by

Look at
any bank
note and
ask who
made it?

Not who
earned it?

Or who
spent it?

But who
made it?

A government
made it

And you
use it

That’s what
all money
is for

To make
things happen

And we
need things
to happen
right now

So we
need money

And no
one is
going to
make much
income or
profit now

And the
banks aren’t
going to
lend money
to almost
anyone at
the moment
because they
think we
can’t repay
our loans

So the
government has
got to
make the
money now

And it
can do
just that

It gets
its bank
which is
in fact
our bank -
The Bank
Of England
(sorry, Scotland
Wales and
Northern Ireland) -
to lend
it the
money that
we all
need to
be spent
right now

And the
Bank of
England will
make the
loan to
the government
because the
government can’t
go bust
because it
can always
tell its
Bank - which
is our
bank - to
lend it
a bit
more if
it really
has to

And unless
we hate
our own
money (and
you can
send me
yours if
you do)
that’s a
good thing
because right
now more
money will
mean more
good things
happen for
us all

And there
is no
debt because
of doing
this because
all there
is will
be more
money and
the great
things it
will make
happen, none
of which
could have
happened if
the money
had not
been made

And we
won’t need
to repay
anyone anything
because the
government will
only owe
itself what
is due

And it’s
either pretty
hard or
it’s pretty
easy to
repay yourself

I mean,
it’s like
taking money
out of
your right
pocket and
putting it
in your
left one,
isn’t it?

So ignore
those who
will say
‘There is
no money’
because they
are wrong

There is
all the
money we
need to
do everything
we can

Not maybe
everything we
want but
at least
everything that
we can

But there
are people
who don’t
want us
to be
safe or
healthy or
educated or
working or
even just
retired when
we're older

And they
don’t want
us to
be green
or sustainable
or organic
or to
have hope
that we
might survive
the coming
climate crisis

So they
will try
to stop
the money
flowing to
us because
they will
claim it
is their
money as
they will
say “we
pay all
the taxes”

But that’s
not true
because when
taxes are
paid they
become the
government’s money

So there
is no
such thing
as taxpayer’s
money anyway

And anyway
tax doesn’t
provide the
money we
need to
spend right
now, or
at any
other time

The government
always makes
the money:
it says
so on
the note

Tax just
reclaims that
money from
us so
that we
don’t get
inflation that
would wipe
out wealth

So the
wealthy should
be celebrating
tax because
it’s mainly
for them,
after all

And we
have to
say all
this time
after time
after time
until we’re
blue or
red or
yellow or
green or
whatever colour
in the
face from
doing so

Because we
must have
the money
we need
now, however
much it
is, to
build our
hope in
the future

No one
must shatter
our dreams
for the
sake of
refusing to
make the
money that
it costs
the government
nothing to
make with
a few
entries in
the computers
of the
Treasury and
The Bank
Of England

Our hopes
our dreams
our futures
our lives
together, wherever
we are
and who
we are
and what
we are
and who
we believe
in and
who we
love, or
maybe not;
they’re all
dependent on
those very
few keystrokes
that make
everything possible

By making
the money
that unlocks
our dreams