The Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) project is being noticed in the media

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The Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) project has been attracting press coverage.

The Express (which does not feature here often) said yesterday:

Gestures towards an increase in Inheritance Tax have been displayed by Tax Research UK, who have called for a wealth tax to fund the COVID-19 recovery.

Director Richard Murphy told the Telegraph: “This would be those in the top deciles of income earners and wealth owners in the UK.

It does indeed seem that they lifted that straight from The Telegraph, who did not speak to me.

They got it from The Guardian.

The CityWire, which is aimed at Wealth Managers, did the same thing.

The Money Observer (which is not part of the Observer) picked up on pension tax relief instead, saying:

Indeed, prominent economist from City University, Richard Murphy, recently called for a package of wealth taxes, including getting rid of the higher-rate tax reliefs for pension contributions, according to a report in The Guardian.

Why do thinks like the Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) project? To change the mood music as well as inform debate; that's why.

It is already working.