A new series? Question of the Day?

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Bob Edwards is an accountant I met through this blog whose quietly offered opinions I value. He suggested yesterday that:

Could I ask you to post once a day with an open question to prompt your most excellent followers to scratch their heads and come up with a solution to a particular issue. In this way perhaps lateral exchanges will contribute to real-world solutions?

I like this idea even though it might increase the volume of moderation to keep the debate going, and as is now apparent, moderation sometimes stretches me given that this blog is my decided part, and actually spare time, activity (I was reduced to moderating comments in the check out queue at Tesco last night in an attempt to get through them).

I will post Bob’s first question separately.

Please post question suggestions here. But please note that the comment may not be published as yet: I may defer doing so until I use it.

Credit for questions asked will be given.