Please, no more requests for personal advice on coronavirus, tax and pay – because I cannot help

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I have reached a point where I need to draw a halt to having to comment on all the queries that have been raised here on coronavirus pay issues. It's not that I do not care: I do with a passion. But there are a number of real problems.

First, I can't offer personal advice: that is not allowed by my professional regulators.

Second, as I have said to almost every person who has asked, we simply do not know answers as yet so I am little more informed than most people are. Please wait until the govenment announces anything and then seek advice.

And third, I have had coronavirus and am still very tired as a result and am not working normally.

My aim on this blog is to report and challenge government strategy in an attempt to contribute to the support that we will all need to survive COVID-19 with a fair proportion of our businesses and economy intact. But to help me do that can I request that you do not ask me to comment on your personal circumstances as they are affected by any issues that appear on this blog? There are numerous advisers in your local community that could help and, in particular, the Citizens Advice Service. You could also find willing advisors on the internet.

I repeat, with regret, I cannot comment on matters that affect you on an individual basis.

Your understanding would be appreciated.

In the meantime, this from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales might help.