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I wrote this yesterday, sending it to people I met during the week:

I apologise for having to write in this way I think it only fair to advise you that I think I might have coronavirus. I have met you in the last few days and that means I could have infected you.
I first thought I might be getting a cold on Friday. Yesterday it felt a bit flu like, and I thought some cold symptoms were developing. Today those symptoms seem to have disappeared, but the flu like symptoms remain. I feel decidedly under the weather.
Of course, this may be ordinary flu. In particular, I am not coughing. That, I think, suggests his may be a standard virus. Without testing, which is not available due to government policy, I do not know.  But I am self isolating now and in practice have been (almost by accident) since Friday. To be honest, I'm not moving far from bed.
I stress, I cannot say I have got coronavirus. I am working on the assumption that might be the case, and I thought you should know.
I hope you don't get this.
On the other hand, if you do, I also hope that it is no worse than what I have. I would much rather not feel as I do, but I do not feel threatened by it. It's just like a pretty bad cold right now, but without the nose and throat bits.

So, I am self isolating.

And this morning it's much the same. And still no sign of a cold.

So do I have coronavirus? Let me be honest, and say I do not know.

All I know is I have a flu type illness that is not going the way these things always usually do with me.

But that, I suggest, does indicate the failure of government policy. After all, it would be really useful to know if I have got coronavirus. I would definitely know what was required now, instead of guessing. And they'd know too. And so would those with whom I have had contact. And I'd also know that if there is such a thing as immunity that I might have it.

But right now, I don't know, the people I know don't know and the government doesn't know, so they have no idea whether or not the stats they issue are in any way useful, or not.

Moan over. I might go back to bed....

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