The highest readership day in this blog’s history

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Quite why some blog posts become highly successful and others into which more effort has been put simply get average readership is largely a mystery that I cannot explain after nearly fourteen years of doing this, and more than 16,800 posts published.

So, when I wrote a blogpost on the economic impacts of the two essential choices that the government has to make on the epidemiology of tackling coronavirus, which I did after a brief and interesting conversation with a friend who is a doctor earlier this week, I thought it would be just another run of the mill post.

Except it has now been read well over 130,000 times, has been shared on Facebook over 32,000 times and as a result it gave this blog its highest ever readership in a day yesterday, with over 87,000 reads.

I would rather coronavirus was not happening. I’ll take any silver linings that comes though.

Thanks to all who have read it. I just hope people remember who to blame.