The Tory’s Kafkaesque BBC logic

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Whilst coronavirus dominates the news, some other agendas are still being pursued. For example, the Culture Secretary (Oliver Dowden, in case you had never heard of him) is launching an attack on the BBC today and according to Politics Home:

Mr Dowden will also take aim at the BBC's news coverage, flagging Ofcom research which suggests "the perception of news impartiality is currently lower for some public service broadcasting channels than commercial channels like Sky and CNN".

He will say: "Ultimately, if people don't perceive impartiality, then they won't believe what they see and read and they'll feel it is not relevant to them.

"In an age of fake news and self reinforcing algorithms, the need for genuine impartiality is greater than ever."

The comments on the BBC's news output come after a boycott of the broadcaster's flagship Radio 4 news programme, Today.

This is quite extraordinary. Firstly, the BBC is being accused of bias for not airing Tory views when the Tories will not appear upon its programmes. Second, many of those who have doubts about the BBC's impartiality will hold such opinion precisely because they think that it is biased towards the government, and not against it, and yet this is being used as evidence for pro-Tory change. You literally could not make this up.

Welcome to the world of Kafka.