Thanks for 29,822 reads

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I can’t help noticing numbers. Deep down, and sometimes well hidden, I remain a chartered accountant. And as yesterday unfolded I noticed the volume of traffic on this site growing.

There were 29,822 reads yesterday. Most were on freeports and Boris Johnson. But the future of Scotland also got a good look in. That was the site’s ninth best day, ever.

I’d like to thank those who came.

I’d also like to note  the importance of this. Yesterday saw organised attacks on press freedom by our government. To their credit, the BBC, ITN and major media all chose to highlight the fact.

My description of Johnson’s video on Friday as ‘tawdry’ was motivated by the contempt for the mainstream media implicit within it: it was propaganda, and not news.  And when the media is under attack every means to highlight that is important.

Please don’t get me wrong by thinking I am suggesting that this blog is at the forefront of some press freedom campaign. That is not my point. My point is that all those who seek to provide alternative views that will highlight the corrosive and controlling views of this government are challenging it.

Whilst we can, that is.

And that point is also important.

I do not take this freedom for granted.