The UK’s poorest regions are falling behind the rest of Europe

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This is from the High Pay Centre:

The change in the UK looks like this:

The sixth richest country in the world has the seven poorest regions in North West Europe.

That's a measure of the failure of neoliberal financial capitalism that has cursed this country more than most in Europe.

And the response is Brexit. And a deeply divided community. And people who are putting their hope in the people who guarantee to perpetuate this mess, because those people have the funds to spend to persuade them that those who have their interests at heart are a threat to them.

This is why this country is the breeding ground of populism.

This is why fascism is growing.

And this is why we need a Green New Deal that would create jobs in every constituency of the UK.

I still have hope we might get it.

The full report that supports this research is here.