Jeremy Corbyn is not a racist, but Boris Johnson undoubtedly is

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The Cheif Rabbi has lashed out at Jeremy Corbyn this morning, acting on behalf of the man he described as ‘his friend’ when Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

It’s widely reported that he is of the opinion that Jeremy Corbyn has sanctioned anti-semitism from the top of Labour.

I do not agree. Labour has an anti-semitic problem. As have the Tories. And I would accept that Labour has not done enough to tackle that issue. But nor have the Tories, just as the Tories have completely failed to tackle Islamophobia in its ranks.

And there is no evidence that Jeremy Corbyn has sanctioned this. That does not mean he has not made mistakes. He has, not least in not recognising the issue soon enough and in not seeking more balance on Palestine. But that does not make him an anti-semite and I do not think he is. I genuinely think there  is no element of racism in him. I am not saying that means there isn’t no racism in Labour, because there is. But they’re not the same thing

But I do know is that the Cheif Rabbi’s friend Boris Johnson is a racist, homophobic, misogynist liar who supports a war waged by the most anti-Semitic state on earth.

I will not ignore Labour’s mistakes. I’m clear about that. And it has made them. And it needs to continue to be vigilant against a sordid form of anti-Semitism that some on the left undeniably promote, but which Jeremy Corbyn does not.

But I cannot forgive a man who will not apologise for his racism, misogyny, homophobia or lies. And I do not think a religious leader who ignores those failings for which Boris Johnson makes no apology has any credibility when making judgement on others.  Truths have to be universally applied to be acceptable from a leader claiming a moral standpoint. The Cheif Rabbi is failing against this criteria and I think it’s right to say so.

Because I am bored of the trolls who exploit this issue I will not be opening this post  to comments, largely because I will not have time to deal with them today. Comments relating to it on other posts will be deleted.