The cruel reality is that there is mass unemployment in the UK and the government deny it

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According to the Guardian:

According to research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Centre for Cities thinktank, large levels of “hidden” unemployment in towns and cities across Britain are excluded from the official government statistics.

The study found that more than 3 million people are missing from the headline unemployment rate because they report themselves as economically inactive to government labour force surveys, saying that they believe no jobs are available.

Three immediate comments arise.

First, this is glaringly obviously true. The statistics have been manipulated. That’s hardly news, or a surprise.

Second, this still massively understates under-employment and unemployment as millions of self-employed people are only marginally economically active in work that pays very little. And we also know that there are millions of marginal employments that are exploitative and unproductive for those who endure them. This is, then, only the tip of the iceberg on the scale of the real issue facing many in the UK, which official statistics seek to deny.

Third, this suggests that all the people required to deliver a Green New Deal are out there, waiting to work. They will need training, of course. That will be essential. But the opportunity to create a much better economy exists.