Johnson should enjoy this moment. It may be as good as it gets.

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The polarisation of politics continues: the Lib Dems have leapt over Labour in polls (for what they're worth) as a result of promising Remain. And staggeringly 32% of the country would still vote Tory, which to me is almost incomprehensible given how badly the government is doing.

I'm clear: I know there are people who resolutely believe in  Leave. I know some of them, quite well. They have a right to their views, of course. And I respect that.

But holding an opinion is one thing. Boris Johnson is, however, at any possible level of appraisal proving to be inept. Yesterday he stood in front of a television camera and denied the press was present at a discussion.  That requires the most staggering level of inability, or the most extraordinary capacity to deny reality. Both are undesirable in leaders.

I make no pretence that I have answers to answers as to why Johnson still has any support. But if he took a moment to reflect (and I doubt he does) he might worry. He is having a nightmare time. David Cameron, in comparison (I stress), did quite well during much of his period in office, even if I utterly disliked what he did. And he is now disliked most heartily, and few hold back from saying so. I am sure Her Majesty will. But I bet she'd be at the front of the queue if she could join it.

Johnson should enjoy this moment. It may be as good as it gets.