Labour members want a Green New Deal: now it’s time for the Party to deliver

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As Labour List has noted this morning:

Labour conference is set to be dominated by the campaign pushing for the party to adopt a ‘Green New Deal’, as over 100 local parties have sent the policy motion for debate at the meeting starting this weekend.

The climate emergency has proved to be the most popular choice as a topic of discussion among members, with 105 Constituency Labour Parties voting to submit Labour for a Green New Deal’s motion – more than Brexit, which was the subject of 90 CLPs’ motions.

If passed, the GND policy proposal would apply pressure on the party to reduce its net-zero carbon emissions target to 2030, as well as boost its commitment to creating unionised green jobs and expanding public ownership.

The motion is backed by Momentum and the Communication Workers’ Union, but could face opposition from Labour-affiliated trade unions Unite and GMB.

For those not familiar with Labour rules. each local party may submit one issue to conference: this is, then, significant. More made the Green New Deal their priority than made Brexit top of their list (which attracted 90 submissions, 90% of them calling for Remain)*.

Three thoughts. The first is that Labour needs to take note.

The second is it is time they dropped their 'Green Industrial Revolution' rhetoric. This is not all about industry, at a great many levels.

Third, they need to start reaching out on this issue: this goes beyond party borders.

Fourth, they need to be radical, because that is what the Green New Deal demands.

Will they react? Let's wait and see. I can live in hope.


*I am told there is some overlap: some left-wingers are apparently using the Green New Deal as cover for anti-EU statements, but as a Green New Dealer I can say that makes no sense at all to me when the Green New Deal has to be about the sort of cooperation that we can only achieve on an international basis.