The Green New Deal: every little helps

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I noted a comment from Tesco yesterday. They are apparently going to review packaging in their supply chains. As CEO Dave Lewis told the Guardian:

We can’t overlook the fact that for too long, packaging on consumer goods has been excessive. We have all looked at the settled contents of a cereal packet and puzzled over the comparative size of the bag and box. Or opened a bag of crisps and wondered why the packaging is twice the size of the contents.

Tesco is reserving the right to remove products that do not meet new standards from the store and I welcome that.

But much more interesting was this comment:

We need a standardised national collection and a truly complete and national recycling infrastructure. Today, recycling rates vary across local authorities from 65% to 14%. Without a national infrastructure, industry efforts to improve the recyclability of materials used in packaging will not have the impact we need.
That is spot on. The absurdity that is faced by almost everyone around this country is that what is recycled, and how, varies considerably from place to place. This has to end. If it's worth recycling then doing so must be enforced and nothing less than a national framework will do. That's what a Green New Deal requires.