To support Corbyn, or not?

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It would seem to me that whether to support the Corbyn plan for bringing Johnson down, or not,  is the only question of relevance to Remainers right now.

Corbyn has appealed for support from opponents of No Deal to help bring down the government, and to then support him as prime minister so that Article 50 can be extended, a general election can be called, and a second referendum be held, in that order.

Of course there are problems with the proposal. It would seem to make sense to use any unity to call a second referendum before a general election. Unless that is done the referendum might not be held. And any general election would be about the referendum and not how to create policy to move on from it. The sequencing does appear wrong. 

And there are doubts about Corbyn’s control of Labour. But it seems nothing will stop some Labour members pushing their own self-destruct buttons.

So I get the reservations. But I suggest that they are misplaced. This is a moment of crisis. The greater good has to prevail. The greater good is preventing No Deal. And that requires uncomfortable compromises. 

Whether Corbyn’s demand is the best, or not, does not matter. Without Labour there is no plan. This is the one they propose. And it is decidedly time limited, with anyone backing it knowing that he only has to deviate one iota from it and they can pull his house down. As such no one will be giving him a blank cheque by supporting this move.

And there is no other option.

Caroline Lucas tried, and backfired, badly.

The LibDems are not going to drive this process right now: their only chance is to capitalise on it.

The SNP have said yes. They like making it clear Labour depends on them.

So it is the only show in town. 

And in that case, and because of its limited but appropriate aspiration, I think it has to be supported. 

The job is to block No Deal. Heaven help those who say that’s what they want and then assist Johnson’s survival.