Dismissing Johnson is to misread the political situation

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I am noting left-wingers on Facebook and elsewhere saying that Boris Johnson is good news for the left, because he faces all the problems Theresa May did without the same firepower, having now alienated so many in his own party. I wish that was true. I do not think it is.

Firstly, this analysis is, as almost ever, deeply parochial. In other words, the analysis is solely about whether Labour can secure the general election it appears to have made its sole political objective. It appears to have no wider perspective than that. This is depressing, not least when comment from Labour front benchers yesterday made it as clear as ever that there is no consistent Labour position on Brexit, which will fatally undermine any prospects it might have in an election, even if it secures one.

Secondly,  since Johnson’s position seems designed to undermine the Brexit Party above all else, and may well succeed in that objective, the analysis appears well wide of the mark. A singular pro-Brexit position presented by Johnson that negates Farage is a massive electoral threat to Labour.

Third, unless Labour knows how to stop a government now very definitely dedicated to leaving the EU on 31 October, come what may, then whether or not Labour can secure a victory thereafter is at present of little consequence: the damage will have been done and will be very hard to undo. Johnson will have secured his sole goal. In that case the relaxed attitude to Johnson only reveals an enthusiasm for Lexit and a continuing, I think wholly misplaced, belief that for inexplicable reasons Brexiteers will then flock to Labour.

To put it another way, I think those saying this wholly misread the political situation.