Desperate days

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Boris Johnson’s March to Downing Street continues. I doubt that there is anyone much surprised that Jeremy Hunt has proved to be an inept opponent.

Johnson is apparently planning to make the ‘UK match fit’ for Brexit on 31 October. If ever there was evidence that the man does not understand sport, politics, commerce or the EU that proves it. Nothing can ready the UK for such an outcome in the time now available. 

And meantime we see Labour immersed in its own rows, cloaked by indecision on Brexit and non-disclosure agreements on anti-Semitism, both of which indicate a failure of leadership on its part.

Which has left Dominic Grieve trying, yet again, to fight a battle in Parliament to force it to sit in October, meaning it cannot be prorogued during that month, so providing a chance for MPs to oppose Brexit. At least he is trying. 

Whilst Rory Stewart is planning for a parallel parliament to sit during the autumn so that MPs can debate if the government seek to deny them the chance to do so as No Deal Brexit approaches. He has admitted it all feels rather like the 1640s. And maybe that is right. But when the most basic duty of Parliament is to defend the best interests of this country and we have a government in office that appears dedicated to doing anything but that it may be that desperate measures are required.

I look forward to this autumn with some dread. No one knows what will happen in desperate days.