Labour’s fence sitting

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I suggested to a friend that I was sitting on the fence on a particular issue when in discussion at the Tax Justice Network conference yesterday. His response was to suggest that he doubted that I knew what a fence was, let alone how to sit on one. I admit I was amused.

I just wish the Labour Party suffered from the same problem. I know that the latest YouGov poll is just an opinion poll, and that opinion polls can be wrong, and that some love to say that YouGov is a Tory organisation, but Labour coming fourth behind the Tories, Brexit Party and LibDems (in that order) is worrying, and solely, I suspect, the result of Jeremy Corbyn's prevarication on the issue of Brexit.

Leavers no longer trust Labour - and the evidence is that very few of them would now vote for it anyway, when the Tories and Brexit Party provide them with the home they want.

And the evidence is that Remainers have no more enthusiasm for Labour than most Leavers do, for reasons that are all too obvious to those like me of that persuasion.

Politics is not, and has never been about the art of sitting on the fence. It is about having opinions and justifying them. That Labour has forgotten this crucial fact is crippling for its standing in England and Wales. No wonder so many are looking to vote elsewhere.