What do your tax cuts mean Boris?

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I notice that Boris Johnson has joined Dominic Raab (and no doubt some other unknowns) in offering tax cuts as a lure in the Tory leadership race. The media faithfully report the plans, and ask not a single question about what they mean. But all tax cuts do have meaning.

For Tories, who believe in balanced budgets, tax cuts meaning shrinking government, or tax rises elsewhere. So why is no one asking Johnson what he is going to cut?

And if he says that it’s the Laffer curve in play why does no one say that there is no evidence from anywhere that says that if we cut tax at the rates the UK currently uses that this raises revenue?

And, just in case he’s realised we can run a deficit, why is no one asking him if that is the case now, and how big will it be?

Let alone ask him if he has now found modern monetary theory and realised it was right along?

Why do we have such supine media that the glaringly obvious questions are not asked?