Reasons to be in the EU: protecting the NHS from US interference

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There are many supposed reasons for wanting to leave the EU. As yet I have not found one good one, but I know many claim they exist, even if they can't quite explain where, how, what they are or when they might have a benefical impact.

Let me, however, offer just one good reason for staying in the EU this morning. Doing so lets us protect our NHS from the privatisation that a new trade deal with the USA would require. I stress: require. That would be their condition for a deal. And from then on the idea that the NHS might be free at the point of supply would be gone. As would any sense of quality. We have seen what has happened with outsourcing and privatisation time after time now. Service quality collapses and costs rise. Only the executives of the supplying companies gain.

And this is what would happen if we leave the EU. Like night follows day.

But it need not happen at all if we stay in the EU. The NHS can still be a state supplied service in the EU. It's even possible within the EU to roll back some of the privatisations that have taken place because they do not work. But leave, and that ability to defend the NHS has gone. Instead of the NHS being a health service it will become a profit delivery mechanism for private companies fleecing the UK for the benefit of their shareholders at cost to all of us.

You can take your choice. I know mine. I happen to know that Nigel Farage wants the US model. And maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump's visit will draw this issue out into the open. Because that is where it needs to be.

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