The risk of fascism in the UK is increasing by the day

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I read the opinion polls and despair.

How can 34% of people in this country think voting for Nigel Farage is an answer to their problems?

The problems are inequality. And poor public services. And a lack of skills to supply the services we need. As well as climate change. And a preponderance of low paid work. And people want to vote for a man who has said nothing in this election campaign on these issues. But his past statements suggest he will make all those issues worse.

And then there is Brexit. In 2016 he never discussed No Deal. WTO rules were not on the table. Switzerland and Norway were. So was Iceland. But the WTO? Never. And yet he now claims that the WTO is what people voted for, when they did not.

And people believe him.

How bad do the main parties have to be for this to happen? Very bad indeed, quite obviously. And they are.

It is very hard to find a remaining reason for the Conservative Party now. Its One Nation element is forgotten. The Brexit Party is the ERG in disguise. May might well be its last elected Prime Minister.

And Labour. I could be both angry and weep for its failure. As Corbyn dithers - and he does despite all Corbynite denial - the party becomes ever more irrelevant as people lose faith in its ability to deliver for them. I don’t blame them. How can they know what the party will deliver when it, and its leader, will not say?

I wish the result was a breakthrough for other parties. Outside Scotland that is, where I am sure that this is all a gift to the SNP. And maybe in time other parties might gain. 

But I cannot help but think that hard Brexit is where we are heading ever more certainly. And I am quite sure that this will be disastrous. And I am equally sure that this will only intensify the appeal of populist politics in England, at least.

There are moments to analyse. And there my be moments to worry. I will never stop the former. I rarely do the latter. But I am now. This situation is really quite worrying now. We’re heading for situations where fascism is not just a remote, but a real possibility. The mayhem of a hard Brexit will be the breeding ground for that. And that this is now in the cards recalibrates the risk on this issue. It’s now very real indeed.