Full disclosure: Extinction Rebellion

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Bob Edwards wrote an astute comment on the blog this morning, suggesting that it is easy to get depressed about politics right now, but the way to deal with it is to actually do those things we are capable of that might help effect change. He’s right. 

So in the interests of full disclosure I put it on record that I have signed up as a member of Extinction Rebellion.

We face a climate crisis: indeed, that may understate the issue. And most people have not noticed. Nor will they take action unless the urgency of the situation is reiterated time after time, and then time again. In that case non-violent, deeply respectful, fully accountable, direct action has a place in creating the change we need.  So I have signed up to indicate my support. 

How often you will find me blocking roads I do not know. What I do know is that those who want radical change have to say so. And this is a way of doing so.

But I also accept that such gestures are not enough. I am making other commitments. For example, I am planning to radically reduce my meat consumption. And the already booked trip by air to Vienna next month will be my last to undertake a straightforward speaking engagement. Whilst when it comes to teaching and other such engagements I will now be looking for alternatives whenever possible, as a matter of course. The academic preference for flying hither and thither is something to be consigned to the past. I accept that being the change you want to see is part of the process of transformation, and that I have, wherever possible, to walk the talk now.