The outlook isn’t good

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I spent the weekend doing relatively little, for me that is. I know I blogged, but much time was spent thinking and in discussion, because that’s the way of my household, and its friends. I ended the weekend feeling less depressed that I was at its start as a result (I use the word depressed wisely, to mean ‘without hope’). But I cannot say that I am filled with optimism.

Reactions to climate change is one clause for that depression: I get no sense of any urgency amongst even those I assumed would be concerned about this issue. I wonder what planet many think they are on.

The second cause for despair is Brexit. Talks between the government and Labour trundle on, but we all know they won’t go anywhere. Both parties are committed to Brexit, denying many Remainers any real political choice at all now; but what we know is neither party will want to be seen to help the other on this issue. Impasse will continue.

Meanwhile, the Tories are making matters worse. They will not agree May’s deal. As a result they will spend the next three months fighting over a new leader. Nothing will happen on Brexit during that period. The new leader will be a Brexiteer because that is what the party wants: the members are hard right and Tory MPs appear to now all incline that way to catch the Brexit vote, even if it is a decided minority view in the country. So come July hard Brexit will be the Tory policy and a new leader will manage discipline for a while. The result will be parliament not be able to stop a No Deal Brexit in October. I am now back to rating that as a more than 90% possibility again, because this time May will not stop it, and nor will the EU.

So we face economic and social oblivion, followed by a break down in the Union just as we need to concentrate on a Green New Deal. It’s quite easy to be depressed.