Viscount Ridley: one rule for me and another for everyone else

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There was some ugliness on display in the House of Lords as some rather unsavoury arguments and methods were on display as the unelected tried to prevent progress of a Bill passed by those representing the will of the people.

Nowhere was this truer than in the comment of Viscount Ridley. He is supposedly a scientist. He has made much economic comment from a far right perspective. He writes columns for right wing newspapers on that issue., He is, of course, anti-green. And he saw the attempt to pass the Cooper / Letwin Bill in a day as 'tyranny'.

Faisal Islam called him out. As I well recall, he was also chair of Northern Rock when it crashed (you could not make this up):

Never was there better evidence that some think there should be one rule for them and another for everyone else.

He made the case for abolishing the Lords most effectively.