Business is in for a very rude awakening from the Tories

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I keep watching the Commons. And I keep despairing at the stupidity on display. Since the BBC Parliament channel is now heavily watched (unbelievably) I cannot be alone in thinking it really would have been better if many of our legislators had been promoted to be in charge of the broom cupboard, such is the wisdom and insight they have to offer. 

Most especially what I note amongst the supposed champions of business on the Tory benches is the obvious lack of any real experience of anything beyond running the tombola at a village fete. The evidence was apparent yesterday in the voting on the Letwin / Cooper bill. Fourteen Tories voted for this. Thirteen had been long serving ministers. They know, as Mark Francois and Jacob Rees-Mogg never will, the implications for the country of No Deal. 

For their wisdom they will be de-selected, no doubt. 

But I sincerely hope those from the business community who have always, and without thinking, voted Tory have taken note. That party is no longer on their side and is now made up of people indifferent to their interests.

The Tories have abandoned their loyalty to business and wealth; the City and the Union. They are instead the party of English nationalism now. Caveat emptor to those still inclined to vote for them. The appearance on the tin may be the branding of old, but this party is now nothing like that which existed in even the recent past. And nor will it go back again, I suspect. 

What amazes me is that there is, so far, no backing for a new moderate party on the Right. I would have little time for it, I suspect. But the absence if its forthcoming is notable. It reveals the contempt business has developed for politics, after assuming for so long that whoever is in power will be compliant with its wishes. Business may be in for a very rude awakening.