May takes us to a new political low

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Along with millions of others, I suspect, I watched the extraordinary spectacle of Theresa May addressing the nation last night.

I was horrified by the presentation. The faux grandeur. The two national flags. The appeal to the image of the strong leader.

I was appalled by the contempt. Of parliament. Of politicians. Of democracy.

I was aghast at the lack of self awareness.

Most of all I was staggered by the claim that she alone knows the will of the people. This is the sign of delusion. Or fascism.

It was sinister.

It was appalling politics.

It was alienating.

It guarantees her deal will not pass the Commons.

Worst, it was not only self destructive, but destructive for the UK that needs solutions and nothing like this.

In politics this was a new low.

And I suspect we have further to go.