Introversion: a part of the solution

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This was posted as a comment on the blog last night by someone using the name Dambrill. I thought the name was apt. And so I am sharing it:

I am an introvert.

I am not a pathology, a diagnosis, a weakness, an incapacity, a challenge, a victim – in short I am not a problem and do not need fixing

I am not the same as shy or sensitive or socially anxious or on the spectrum.

(I can be any of these things but they do not make me an introvert)

I am not better nor am I worse. I am different.

I do not need a different workplace environment because I am a snowflake who can’t cope.

I want a different workplace because I want to give my best.

This is true whatever environment I work in, whatever job I do.

This is more than reason enough to make changes but let me go further

Look at the problems we all face.

Not just in this country but across the world and as a species.

If we are to rise to the challenges we face, if we are to make the changes necessary to stave off disaster then we cannot squander the abilities of any group when what we need is everyone at their best. This means embracing introverts and working to provide them with an environment where they can thrive. This applies equally to person or group that is prevented from thriving by any sort institutional bias whether intended or not.

The problems facing us will require radical change and they will require our best.

The answers will not come from business as usual, they will not come from billionaires putting all the money they don’t need into their charitable foundations, they will not come in an app or from having a carrier (with or without planes) with which to project force overseas, and they will not result from groupthink or be found by following the herd.

The answers will come from all of us, we will all have our parts to play.

They will come from diversity, not pc tokenism but a true diversity of people and their diversity in thinking, in problem solving, in ideas. The answers will come from lone geniuses and large teams, from experts and amateurs, from new technology and traditional indigenous knowledge, the answers will be shouted out and they will be whispered.

We must be prepared to let go of what we think we know and be willing to try something new.

We should consider what democracy means to us and how we want it to work (some form of PR and sortition), whether forcing people into ultimately unproductive, as regards the threats we face, work simply so that they can survive is an effective use of a human life (UBI), whether the creation of money should be shrouded in myth and its benefits accruing to a few or should be out in the open and used for societies benefit (MMT) and lastly whether we want to pretend that there is no problem or to make a start with some of the answers that we have right now (GND)

There's a lot to be done but let's start with something easy.

Be aware of who you work with, be aware that one size doesn’t fit all, be prepared to ask them what they need, understand that confidence is not competence and that the loudest voice is not necessarily right. Be prepared to invest some time in researching and understanding extroverts and introverts, this applies whether you are an extrovert or introvert, and then see what you can do to help people achieve their potential.

It’s a start.

I don’t think in straight lines.

I am an Introvert.

I am a part of the solution.