Bercow: parliamentary democracy at work

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Last Thursday I wrote a blog entitled ‘It all comes down to Bercow’. I did so having watched Parliament the evening beforehand and having realised that the careful answers he was giving to MPs wanting to know what could be done to ensure, for example, that No Deal was really guaranteed, suggested he had a plan and would deliver it.

I would suggest I was right. He did have a plan. And it is now apparent that he does intend to deliver it.

His plan is to let parliament have its way. He can do no more. But he can do that, and in the face of a divided and discredited minority government that appears intent on abusing parliament to get its way, contrary to the will of the House, that is what he appears intent on doing.

I very much doubt he has finished as yet. In fact, I am sure he has not. All he is doing though is to ensure that what parliament has asked for is delivered. And it has asked for time to create a better deal than the one we have. So he will facilitate measures to block No Deal, even in the face of a government seemingly intent on letting it happen. And he will permit time to debate extensions. Because parliament has said it wants both.

That does not create a constituional crisis. Nor should it provoke furious reaction. This is parliamentary democracy at work. Thankfully.