The Green New Deal was never intended to end the USA as we know it

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I try to read those who disagree with me. I was, then, amused to read this on Zero Hedge:

The much talked about Green New Deal is so much more than a proposal of measures to protect the natural environment. It is nothing less than an all-encompassing social justice manifesto which would pave the way for federal government control of almost all private industry, private property, transportation systems, and food production, as well as most other aspects of American society. Complete control of the nation’s energy production and distribution is the key to absolute power – no pun intended – which is precisely why the specter of climate change is used as a principal weapon in the leftist arsenal.

In short, the Green New Deal is entirely incompatible with the Constitution and with capitalism and would effectively nullify both, removing all individual rights and decimating the economy.

The emphasis is in the original.

For those suggesting that the Green New Deal is a conspiracy theory intended to pull down the USA, I hate to disappoint you. All that time spent writing Green New Deal reports with others over the last decade did not have that objective. We focused on the UK for a start. And not once did we plan the overthrow of capitalism: rather we embraced the idea of partnering with business as part of the solution. And as for transport, food production and other areas that are already well regulated, all we wanted to do was make sure that they delivered on their low-carbon promise when nothing else might save the planet.

The truth is the Green New Deal is about investment, and that's good for business.

 And it's about putting people to work. That's always good for business, because people have money to spend.

What is more, it's about having well-paid jobs. That's even better for business, because people have more disposable income.

Just as having a healthy workforce is good for business.

And closing down tax cheating is good for honest business.

And it's also about business having a long term, because without the Green New Deal none of us has that.

So, unless letting the USA burn to extinction is what the constitution requires then the Green New Deal is in no way incompatible with its requirements.

And it's going to be good for business.

It's a good job then that we weren't planning the overthrow of the USA as we know it. Because if we were that's one thing the Green New Deal won't do.

You can blame us for that, if you like. But not the rest.