We have a climate emergency. Tackling it has to be at the heart of all we do

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This is from my Green New Deal colleague and Green MP Caroline Lucas, in the Guardian this morning:

We must be able to leverage whatever finance is necessary to tackle the [climate] crisis. This is not a Trumpian border wall emergency — this is a real emergency. Critics might denounce such a plan as fantasy politics — but I ask them, with just 11 years left to halve global climate emissions, what is your alternative?

Young people understand what’s needed to secure their futures. Last month, they went on school strike across the country to protest about government inaction on climate change. In our cities and towns, Green councillors have persuaded more than 25 local authorities to declare a climate emergency — and now schools and universities are doing the same. These are some of the most inspirational and hopeful acts I’ve seen in years. And where the people lead, politicians must follow.

Parliament must now declare a climate emergency. It must debate climate change regularly. It must develop the laws necessary to implement a Green New Deal and climate-proof every piece of legislation. And the government must ensure climate change is a priority in all departmental and cabinet decision-making. But government and parliament will only act if we tell them to. So talk about climate breakdown — to your friends, your family, your neighbours and your colleagues. Join the school strikes. Join peaceful direct action initiatives like Extinction Rebellion. Write to your MP. Write to your councillors. Write to your banks. This is an emergency. Let’s treat it like one.

No apologies for the length of the quote: Caroline and I are in frequent touch with each other right now.

And I agree with her, entirely, on this being a real crisis.

And one that means that wee have to found the funding.

And put our old economics behind us.